Our Core

WHY:  To empower our clients’ careers by helping them hire exceptional talent.


PROBLEM WE ATTACK:  Good leaders’ careers are being ruined through lack of ability to hire top performers, stagnating business and hindering the forward progress of their careers and organization.


VISION: To build an entrepreneurial business that drives innovation and progress for our staff, clients, and candidates, free from the constraints of mediocrity exacerbated our industry.



CULTURE:  Supporting the Recruiters’ business is our #1 priority.  If we take care of our people and equip them, our clients will reap the benefit.

A Committed and Entrepreneurial that challenges of us to go all-in, embrace, and continuously improve our craft.

A Team Approach that supports & shared success.

Disciplined, Repeatable & Predictable in our processes and procedures, and in the use of our unique tools.

Accountable for results and Transparent with our clients and each other - even if it hurts, it helps.  We are not afraid to look in the mirror with zero filters.

Constant Learning and Innovation: we can never be stagnant in education nor considering a better way.

Confident in who we are, and what we do.

Gritty. We are grinders, and we’re not afraid to keep failing.  We come prepared to go to work everyday.

Loyalty and Respect for our clients and each other.  We treat others as they want to be treated.

VALUE PROPOSITION:  Our value proposition is in our understanding that in the current methods of recruiting are broken - 46% of all new hires at $100k and above fail in 18 months (study by LeadershipIQ).  There is a better way, and we will champion it!

  • We understand COST is an issue:  Talent Acquisition is getting more expensive - Salaries are increasing, and so much money is being wasted on advertising and recruitment fees that are simply delivering average leaders…or even worse, non-performers. 

  • We understand QUALITY is an issue:  The quality of talent is lacking - job seekers (good and bad) know how to put the appropriate buzz-words on their resumes, but when time is taken to dig deeper we often find they don’t have the relevant quantifiable performance or depth of experience being portrayed.

  • We understand DELIVERY is an issue:  It simply takes too long to fill these critical openings - face it, filling your technical and leadership openings is critical, and exceptional talent aren’t sitting on the market long. Truly exceptional candidates have multiple offers and options and move fast.


  • We understand our client’s RISK is an issue:  Bad hires are on the rise - Here are the facts:

    • “46% of all hires will fail with 18 months, while only 19% of those hires would be considered a success in that same time period.” (LeadershipIQ)

    • “most workers making more than $100,000 are planning to quit their jobs within a year.” (TheLadders.com)

    • The costs of these statistics from poor hiring process or partners, has an impact across the whole organization…and our client’s careers. The odds seem to be no better than 50/50.


  • We understand that PROCESS is an issue:  Frustration with the recruiting process and partners - Recruiters who are not experienced nor trained well can’t dig into the details nor truly understand your needs. This results in our client’s wasted time going through profiles that are simply not a fit, or worse having to take time interviewing mismatched candidates.


BENEFIT:  Clients and Candidates Careers Grow, Our Staff realizes success!