As a Leader, you have likely experienced these common problems:

COST - Leadership Talent Acquisition is getting more expensive - Salaries are increasing, and so much money is being wasted on advertising and recruitment fees that are simply delivering average leaders…or even worse, non-performers.

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QUALITY - The quality of talent is lacking - candidates (good and bad) know how to put the appropriate buzz-words on their resumes, but when time is taken to dig deeper we often find they don’t have the relevant quantifiable performance or depth of experience being portrayed.

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Time - It simply takes too long to fill these critical openings - face it, filling these openings is paramount, and the best candidates aren’t sitting on the market long. Truly exceptional candidates have options and move fast.

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RISK - The bad hires are on the rise – and the associated costs growing.  A hire can have impact across the entire enterprise affecting morale, productivity and profit.  It can cause good employees to leave, let alone the re-work needed to replace the bad hire.  A bad hire can stick to you as a leader and impact your career.


PROCESS - Frustration with the recruiting process and partners - Recruiters who aren't trained to understand you and your needs, nor how to dig into the details to uncover average vs. exceptional candidates can can waste your time reviewing profiles that don't meet your need, or worse taking your time to interview mismatched candidates.


Less Candidate Coverage          

Lack of transparency                 

Limited or No Warranty            

Poor Candidate Quality

Hurts Your Employer Brand

Reduced Commitment

Okay, you understand the problems, but what is the cause of all the frustration?


The traditional contingency model is based on volume and speed, not quality.  In this model industry fill-rates are 20% or less.  A recruiter must carry five roles to fill one!  They can not afford to be committed to your project, nor take the time to look beyond the job boards or LinkedIn. 

Lack of commitment, quality and increased competition are only 3 factors in whole myriad of reasons why traditional recruitment is fatally flawed when it comes to key contributor roles.










If you feel like you deserve better, it is because you do.